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I hate to admit this but before I caught the marathon of M*A*S*H on TV Land I hadn't seen it in a while. I'm glad I did catch it on TV Land because it made me remember how much I love this show. Anyway there is a point to this *lol* since I hadn't seen it in a while I forgot what episodes have Trapper/Margaret scenes in them and I was wondering if ya'll wouldn't mind giving me a list of them with what seasons they are in? Thanks in advance.:)


Well, here's the T/M moments that I can remember straight away:

Season 1
Requiem for A Lightweight - two moments: first, when Margaret yells at Margie and she calls her "sir," quickly correcting it to "ma'am," Hawkeye makes a comment about Margie getting Margaret's sex right, which gets as a response "My sex is none of your business," to which Trapper replies "Just say the words"; second, when Margaret sees Trapper exercising she seems to be very interested in what she sees (*g*) and later looks noticeably hurt when Trapper says she's "Frank's bag."
Showtime - the whole plotline set in the OR is strongly T/M-centric, and it features for the first time one of the elements I love the most about their interaction, which is the way they seem to be able to "read" each other just by eye contact, almost telepathically. In the end, when Margaret takes Trapper back to the Swamp for his well-earned rest, Hawkeye says one of the all-time favourite lines of all T/M shippers:

Hawkeye: (about Trapper and Margaret) You know something? Those two could wind up... (he trails off, realizing he's talking to Father Mulcahy)
Father Mulcahy: Uh, yes?
Hawkeye: Rolling Easter eggs.

Season 2
Radar’s Report - There's that eye-contact/mind-reading thing again, though I admit any non-shipper might argue anyone would be able to realize what Margaret was about to say.
For The Good of the Outfit - The last scene, when Trapper pins Margaret down on Henry's desk and snogs her like there's no tomorrow, while Hawkeye chases Frank around the office trying to get some action as well :P
Hot Lips and Empty Arms - When Margaret is drunk, she confesses to Trapper that she's always been attracted to him. The following morning, Trapper pokes fun of Margaret by calling her darling, holding her hand and telling her how much the previous night had meant to him.

Season 3
Rainbow Bridge - Before getting in the bus, Trapper kisses Margaret. *points to icon*
Check-Up - At Trapper's farewell party, he and Margaret exchange "eyefuck" glances and go dancing together - and once again a drunken Margaret confesses her feelings for Trapper, shedding a few tears for his imminent departure.
Bombed - There's that whole plotline in which Trapper and Margaret are locked in the supply tent and something almost happens between the two of them, leading to Frank getting into an enormous jealous fit.
The Consultant - Okay, this one is stretching things a bit, but it's a theory of mine: when Borelli asks Hawkeye and Trapper what's up with Frank and Margaret and they say "He's a creep" (Hawkeye) "She's a creepette" (Trapper) I can't help but feel Trapper is being both jealous and in denial. It's endearing, really.

Season 11
The Joker is Wild - If I added The Consultant to this list, I have to add this one as well. When Hawkeye asks Margaret to confirm his statement that Trapper was a genius when it came to jokes, Margaret says "He was a ridiculous, juvenile child" with the same expression with which Trapper had called her a creepette in the past. You can check for yourself here :P

And that's all I can remember, though I'm sure there's more. Hope it helps!

Dang. I had forgotten about this one. It's a joke, but still...
From season 3's Big Mac:

Frank: I think the Colonel might like to know that Major Houlihan's father was under General MacArthur in the cavalry.
Hawkeye: (to Trapper) Her father was a horse. Did you know that?
Trapper: (to Margaret) Our engagement is off.

Thanks for doing this! Love the quotes! *hug*

Anytime, hun.

But... Grah. I cannot believe I ended up forgetting one of my all-time, please-someone-caps-this-NOW T/M moments ever! Well, better late than never...
In season 2's Operation Noselift, Trapper comforts Margaret after she is assaulted by Hawkeye's pervy friend. He puts his arms around her and says, with an exaggerated Southern accent: "There, there, my Margaret. Ain't nobody gonna harm y'all unless you leave old Uncle Trapper's arms." Margaret smiles at this, and Trapper makes a face that seems to say "Thank you, God!" One can only imagine what happened next...

Your wish is my command ;)

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Plus ... I LOVE the way Trapper (WR) looks in that brown-ish turtleneck sweater. HOT!

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Oh God, I cannot believe you've got these on. THANK YOU! And that final one is the one with that exact expression from Trapper that I love so much. *dies*
And now that I've inspected the archive, I see that of the other T/M moments I've been craving are there too... Yay! Expect a T/M picspam and some T/M icons very very soon :)

I thought there was a scene like that but I thought it was too good of a scene to be true. I never caught that episode on tv so I that really made me think that maybe it was too good to be true and that I just read it in a fic. I'm so glad it was in the show! And now I know what episode it's from! Yay! Thanks!

Thanks for posting the caps murf1013.:)

Oh ... and this post reminds me ... I have a HUGE T/M related favor to ask of you. I'll email you about it soon. It's taking me for-freaking-ever to go though the caps on iconillusion's site (with the downloading and all that) ... I'm gonna need your help with the T/M moments.

More in the email :)

I'll be happy to help :)