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Heather [userpic]

I hate to admit this but before I caught the marathon of M*A*S*H on TV Land I hadn't seen it in a while. I'm glad I did catch it on TV Land because it made me remember how much I love this show. Anyway there is a point to this *lol* since I hadn't seen it in a while I forgot what episodes have Trapper/Margaret scenes in them and I was wondering if ya'll wouldn't mind giving me a list of them with what seasons they are in? Thanks in advance.:)


Oh God, I cannot believe you've got these on. THANK YOU! And that final one is the one with that exact expression from Trapper that I love so much. *dies*
And now that I've inspected the archive, I see that of the other T/M moments I've been craving are there too... Yay! Expect a T/M picspam and some T/M icons very very soon :)

I thought there was a scene like that but I thought it was too good of a scene to be true. I never caught that episode on tv so I that really made me think that maybe it was too good to be true and that I just read it in a fic. I'm so glad it was in the show! And now I know what episode it's from! Yay! Thanks!

Thanks for posting the caps murf1013.:)