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The Trapper & Margaret LJ community
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October 2007
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Just Pat [userpic]

Title: That Name
Author: nentari
Pairing: Frank/Margaret, with hints of possible Trapper/Margaret
Rating: Captain, borderlining Major for references of naked!Frank, which is not for the faint of stomach *g*
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Don't sue. Please.
Feedback: Would be highly appreciated.
Spoilers: Nope.
Summary: There are some things you're just not prepared to hear...

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Just Pat [userpic]

Title: News
Author: nentari
Pairing: You'll see...
Rating: Sergeant - possibly just Corporal, depending on your perspective
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Don't sue. Please. *makes puppy dog eyes*
Feedback: Would be highly appreciated.
Spoilers: Contains small references to a character's personal life in seasons 5-7, and to the fate of those characters that appeared in AfterMASH.
Summary: Post-war. Prepare yourself for some unexpected news...

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Just Pat [userpic]

Hello, and welcome to the Trapper & Margaret LJ community.
This community is dedicated to the relationship between Trapper John McIntyre and Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, from the hit TV show M*A*S*H.
Here, you can discuss anything related to those two characters, from their relationship, from fics to icons, from character analysis... Anything is welcome!

There are some rules you must follow, though:

  • First of all, be civil. Please, no flaming, and no insulting. Discussions are welcome, especially since we all have different opinions (the world would be very boring without them), but there's no need to become violent. Anybody who breaks this rule risks getting banned from the community.

  • As I said above, fanfics and icons (and any other type of graphics) are welcome and appreciated. Fics can be any rating, but if it's something Major or Colonel (see below) please put it under an LJ cut (or provide a link to the place where the fic is posted) and add a content warning. LJ-cuts are also appreciated when the fic is rather large, or when there's more than three icons.

  • Community plugs are only welcome when the community is M*A*S*H-related.

  • Last, but not least... have fun!

  • Also, here's an important note regarding rating your fics:
    As the MPAA ratings system are protected by copyright, we advise you not to use them in this community. Instead, you can use this alternate system:
    Corporal - Appropriate for all ages.
    Sergeant - For ages 7 and up.
    Captain - For ages 13 and up.
    Major - For older teens - generally 16 and up.
    Colonel - Contains adult material - not advisable for children and most teens.

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