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The Trapper & Margaret LJ community
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Credit and Comment if taking. I will be glad to take requests for more, just comment here and let me know what you want. Enjoy!



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Just Pat [userpic]

Today, I have for you 16 Margaret Houlihan icon bases (one of them Trapper/Margaret).

Teaser: 3. 15.

You can find the rest at my icon journal.

tvjunkie1013 [userpic]

Title: Margaret And Her Choices
Author: Lisa M
Pairing: Trapper/Margaret - unrequited; Margaret/Frank
Prompt: #80 Why
Rating: Everyone
Word Count: 370
Disclaimer: Nope … still don’t own anything.
Summary: Trapper’s thoughts on Margaret

Warning: None.

A/N: I am so meh about this fic I can‘t even believe I‘m posting it. But it’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to write *anything* M*A*S*H-related, so I’m hoping that this crappy little drabble might jumpstart my writing again. Damn muses! Written for varietypack100.

* * * * * * * * * *

I con't know if I'll ever understand Margaret Houlihan.Collapse )

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Heather [userpic]

I hate to admit this but before I caught the marathon of M*A*S*H on TV Land I hadn't seen it in a while. I'm glad I did catch it on TV Land because it made me remember how much I love this show. Anyway there is a point to this *lol* since I hadn't seen it in a while I forgot what episodes have Trapper/Margaret scenes in them and I was wondering if ya'll wouldn't mind giving me a list of them with what seasons they are in? Thanks in advance.:)

Heather [userpic]

I was wondering if any of ya'll know where I can find some Hawkeye/Margaret/Trapper fics? Thanks in advance.:)

Just Pat [userpic]

Title: Don't Tell Hawkeye
Author: nentari
Pairing: references to Trapper/Margaret, Margaret/Frank, Margaret/Donald and... something else :)
Rating: Sergeant
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Don't sue. Please. *makes puppy dog eyes*
Feedback: Would be highly appreciated.
Spoilers: Set during The Joker is Wild; contains references to seasons 5 and 6
Summary: BJ and Margaret are celebrating BJ's latest prank.
A/N: I don't know who I love more, drunk!BJ or drunk!Margaret... Just for a laugh, I decided to put them in the same room and see what would happen. This is the first time I write BJ, and I'm not very confident about how he turned out... Let's hope he sounds realistic enough.

You're a genius.Collapse )

Just Pat [userpic]

A tiny animation I made using caps from iconillusion's M*A*S*H screencaps website:

Just Pat [userpic]

Title: Dear Trapper John
Author: nentari
Pairing: Trapper/Margaret; a hint of Margaret/Frank
Rating: Sergeant
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Don't sue. Please. *makes puppy dog eyes*
Feedback: Would be highly appreciated.
Spoilers: None, as far as I can see
Summary: Trapper is sitting in the showers, moping. Margaret tries to find out what's wrong.
A/N: I dedicate this fic to captain_lubey, who was very curious when I told her about it. Hope you like it!

Go away.Collapse )

murf1013 [userpic]

Title: Something Different
Author: Lisa M
Pairing: Trapper/Margaret; a hint of Margaret/Frank
Rating: Captain
Disclaimer: Nope, don’t own anything. Don’t sue … no money.
Archive: Anywhere, just let me know.
Feedback: Would be appreciated - good or bad.
Spoilers: Yes, for “Bombed”
Warning: This could be considered AU, simply because I’ve added to canon. What I’ve written could possibly change what happened *after* this scene (in canon) … but I actually think things would have happened exactly the same. If that makes sense …
Summary: Trapper and Margaret are stuck in the supply room.

A/N: This is basically an extension of the supply room scene in ‘Bombed’ between Trapper and Margaret. It‘s what I would‘ve liked to have seen happen. Non-slash. Oh, and my beta is feeling a little under the weather, so this wasn't beta'ed. Sorry for any errors!

This is dedicated to nentari just because she rocks the Trapper/Margaret ship!!!

Just a trip to the moon on gossamer wings ...Collapse )

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murf1013 [userpic]

Okay all you Trapper/Margaret shippers ... I need your help. I found a song that I want to make a Trapper/Margaret clipshow vid to, but I need pics of them. Decent ones. I'm going to scouring the internet and the archives I know are out there, but if anyone has any caps of these two, please post them here. I have a ton of them individually, but not many of them together.

Or if anyone has the DVDs and would be willing to take caps from eps like "Bombed" and "Check-up" ... please please please do so.

We'll see what happens :)

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